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Thai triangle pillow cushion floor mattress day bed

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Triangle cushion, Thai triangle pillow, floor cushion, kapok pillow cushion, floor mattress, Thai cushion, Thai mattress, Thai pillow, fold cushion, fold mattress, fold pillow, day bed, Floor pillow, タイの三角枕 ,  泰式三角枕, Almohada triangular tailandesa  タイの三角枕 3段マット付 レッ  kapok cushion, floor cushion, thailand pillow, thai floor pillow yoga cushion
triangle cushion, triangle pillow, floor cushion, kapok pillow cushion, floor mattress, Thai pillow, Thai cushion, Thai mattress, fold out pillow , fold cushion, fold mattress, fold pillow, day bed, floor pillow, meditation cushion, yoga mattress

A custom made is acceptable, contact us for your designs and sizes

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Export shipment

We provide shipping services for the exports with custom required documents and custom export clearance.


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Cushion producer

We produce Thai kapok cushions pillows mattresses by our local staffs, main works are handmade with high quality.



Roll kapok floor mattress

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