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handmade Thailand cushions, floor mats and pillows
Triangle cushions, floor mats, pillows, yoga cushions and more......VIEW

Welcome to Chiangmaicraft
Founded in 2002, Chiangmaicraft is an English-Thai company based in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. We supply and export Thai traditional handmade crafts and gifts to many countries around the world. In our store you will find a large variety of original hand made Thai crafts such as triangle cushions, floor mats, traditional clothing, lanterns and much more.

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Thailand cushion, triangle 3 fold XXL

Thai cushions. Colourful fabric designs, kapok filled to ensure long lasting firmness.


Thai traditional skirt

A Sarong is a garment consisting of a long piece of cloth worn wrapped around the body and tucked at the waist.

Thai fishermans pants

Thai fisherman pants are lightweight unisex trousers that are made very wide in the waist so that one size fits all.

Set of 5 handmade Thai satin aromatherapy gift bags

Thai handicrafts, satin aromatherapy gift bags, spirit/ghost house etc...

Cotton folding fan hat in floral design

Cotton folding fan hats are ideal for those hot summer days to use for protection as a sun hat or simply as a hand fan.

garden and party hangimg paper lanterns

Handmade Thai garden and party paper lanterns add that little bit of pazazz to any event. Available in most colour choices.

Thailand flying sky lantern

Our Sky lanterns are made from rice paper, a bamboo hoop and rolled wax paper fuel cell.

floating water lantern

Handmade Thai floating water lanterns are simply stunning when released onto the water.

Pashmina shawl made from cotton and silk thread

Pashmina shawls made from cotton and silk thread. Available in Elephant, butterfly and floral print designs.