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Thai traditional triangle cushions
Triangle cushions, floor mats, pillows, yoga cushions and more......view

Welcome to Chiangmaicraft, an English-Thai company based in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Feel free to browse our shopping store for Thai crafts, gifts and home decor, all hand made here in chiang mai Thailand. In our store you will find a large variety of original hand made Thai crafts such as triangle cushions, traditional clothing, water lanterns, spirit houses and much more.

Our Products

traditional Thai triangle cushion

Thai triangle cushions

garden and party paper lanterns

Garden & party paper lanterns

cotton folding fan hats
Folding fan hats

pashmina shawl

Shawls and scarfs

traditional thai clothing
Sarongs and skirts

thai pants
Fishermans pants

floating paper lantern

Water lanterns

Thai handicrafts

Thai handicrafts

flying paper dky lantern

Thai sky lanterns