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Handmade crafts, gifts and home decor of Thailand
One fold triangle cushions
* Size : 29 x 20 x 3" / 75 x 50 x 8cm approximately when fully opened.

The cushions are Lai Thai style, colourful fabric designs, and are kapok filled to ensure long lasting firmness.To make sure that the triangular cushions remain in shape and serve their purpose, they are stitched and stuffed in a simple manner. They consist of small triangles, each supporting and bracing the others. Most common and typical among Thai pillows and cushions is the mon khwan, literally axe pillow, with reference to its triangular shape, resembling the blade of an axe, it is a supportive cushion for those sitting on the floor store
contact us or call us on 66-81-8852364, Eng/Thai spoken, if you would like to place an order or request more information on the cushions with regards to shipping and wholsale prices.

Thailand cushion, 1 fold triangle cushion

Available colours :

emerald green cushion sample
Emerald Green SC-0001 New

burgundy cushion sample
Burgundy SC-0002

capri blue cushion sample

Capri Blue SC-0003

claret cushion sample

Claret SC-0004

deep red cushion sample

Deep Red SC-0005

desire cushion sample
Desire SC-0006

lime green cushion sample

Lime Green SC-0007 New

melon cushion sample
Melon SC-0008

mint cushion sample
Mint SC-0009

moss green cushion sample
Moss Green SC-0010

mustard cushion sample

Mustard SC-0011 New

pastel blue cushion sample

Pastel Blue SC-0012 New

pastel pink cushion sample

Pastel Pink SC-0013 New

rouge cushion sample
Rouge SC-0014

royal blue cushion sample
Royal Blue SC-0015

ruby red cushion sample

Ruby Red SC-0016 New

sapphire blue cushion sample

Sapphire Blue SC-0017 New

tucany cushion sample

Tuscany SC-0018

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