single triangle cushion

single triangle cushion

1 mattress cushion

two-mattress cushion

2 mattress cushion

three-mattress cushion

3 mattress cushion

fold up floor mattress

roll up mattress

roll up floor mattress

neck support cushion
neck support cushion

yoga pillow

yoga cushion

cube cushion

cube cushion

The cushions are Lai Thai style, colourful fabric designs, and are kapok filled to ensure long lasting firmness.To make sure that the triangular cushions remain in shape and serve their purpose, they are stitched and stuffed in a simple manner. They consist of small triangles, each supporting and bracing the others. Most common and typical among Thai pillows and cushions is the mon khwan, literally axe pillow, with reference to its triangular shape, resembling the blade of an axe, it is a supportive cushion for those sitting on the floor.

Cushion covers are available for all of our displayed cushion products. If you would like further info and pricing on the covers then please contact us for details. Wholesale prices also available for all cushions.