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bowtie neck support cushion

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Handmade crafts, gifts and home decor of Thailand
Bowtie neck support cushions

Bowtie neck support cushions - 12 x 6" / 30 x 15cm

Our neck support cushions are ideal for journeys, watching TV, reading or simply for relaxing.
We offer a wide range of neck support items in various sizes and colours. All are filled with kapok, kapok fibre is one of the natural cellulosic fibres which grow on the kapok plant, for strength and long lasting durability.
All colours are available for each model.

Buy cushions in a variety of sizes and colours directly from us on our : store store
Ebay store

You can also contact us or call us on 66-81-8852364, Eng/Thai spoken, if you would prefer to place an order via this website or request more information on the cushions with regards to shipping and wholsale prices. We accept Paypal.

neck support cushion
Burgundy BT-0001

neck support cushion
Capri Blue

neck support cushion

Claret BT-0003

neck support cushion

Copper BT-0004

neck support cushion

Deep Red BT-0005

neck support cushion

Moss Green BT-0006

neck support cushion

Rouge BT-0007

neck support cushion

Royal Blue BT-0008

neck support cushion

Tuscany BT-0009

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